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Ayurveda & Panchkarma with Graduated Ayurvedic Physician First time in Calgary

Services Available

Ayurvedic Consultaion

Ayurvedic consultation is basically to know about the root cause of physical and mental illness, about problems chronic or acute. Also let the person know about his or her body constitution according to Ayurvedic doshas , if  it is Vatta, Pitta or Kapha. It comprises detailed history of person 's health, life style, diet routine & diet charts according to body constitution. We provide advance knowledge of Ayurvedic & Panchkarma treatments or purification treatments and herbal remedies which can help to restore body's harmony and treats root cause of disease . 1 hour consultation gives detailed information to balance the Doshas in body which is vital for good health. 

Ayurvedic Medicines

We carry wide spectrum of medicines from American and Canadian Pharmacies drived from organic herbs like in General tonics Ashawgandha, Shilajit, Shtawari, Arjuna ,Ashoka, Yograj Gugal, Sinhaaad Gugal, Kishore Gugal, Kanchar Gugal, Gokshore Gugal,Triphla .


Formulas for healthy skin, Hairs, Hormonal Imbalance, Lack of libido in men and women, PCOS symtoms, Menopausal symtoms, Depression ,Chronic Joint problems.



A traditional form of detoxifying the body to rid it of Ama (accumulated toxins) which cause dis-ease.
Panchakarma Therapy includes the following gentle elimination treatments:  Vaman, Virechana and Nasya.

Other treatments as part of Pachakarma which are also beneficial when done separately are:




Ayurvedic Medicines and Treatments help the human body to regain mental and physical well being. Human body is Organic so let it be cured in natural way.

Localized Basti treatments – warm herbal oils are retained within a frame, formed with gram flour, over painful joints.Kati Basti – for the lower backJanu Basti – for the kneesGriva Basti – for the neck


Shirodhara – a unique therapy in which a specially prepared herbal oil is poured from a copper vessel onto the forehead in a steady stream to invigorate the Third eye (6th Chakra). The blissful treatment is know to alleviate anxiety, reduce headaches, clear the mind and expand awareness.


Shirobhyanga (Ayurvedic Head massage) – This is a scalp massage which stimulates the marma (pressure) points on the head, neck and ears helping in reliving stress and tension which in turn calms the mind. This massage is also beneficial as a hair follicle stimulation.




Padabhyanga (Foot massage) – as with Reflexology this Indian foot massage focuses on stimulating the internal organs via the pressure points in the feet with the use of medicated herbal oils. This Ayurvedic treatment increases circulation, helps to relax muscles and ligaments, aids in expelling toxins and balances the doshas.
Padu Abhyanga
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