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Nadi Pariksha 

Now we are introducing use of hardware and artificial intelligence based , intuitive software  that makes traditional nadi Parikshan easy for the user. Using three pressure sensors to record the pulse on wrist at vata, pitta and kapha locations, it mimics the way a Vaidya takes nadi manually.

Nadi Pariksha is an ancient Ayurvedic technique of Pulse Reading which can diagnose physical, mental and emotional imbalances in the body. It is a non-invasive science that helps to reach root cause of disease and not just the symptoms.        

Nadi Parikshan is done using the signals obtained from the three precise locations on the wrist at the radial artery using index, middle and ring fingers corresponding to Vata, Pitta and Kapha . The signals obtained from these locations are not only due to the contraction and relaxation of blood vessel but also a result of movement of blood through the artery.

The Nadi Vaidyas use their knowledge , experience and skill for accurate pulse reading. Any change in the nature of signal felt is a means of diagnosis of disease. The different waveforms obtained from vata, pitta, and kapha ; nadi have a shape similar to that of movement of a snake, frog, and swan.

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