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Dr. Amandeep kaur BAMS

     Ayurvedic Practitioner

    at Healwellayurveda Calgary offers

    Holistic Indian healing

Ayurved is ancient Indian medical science which is 5000 years old . It is also known as Indian naturopathy having Ayurvedic herbal medicines and Panchkarma treatments.

Ayurveda is traditional Indian science based on three doshas in Human body

Vatta    Bio Energy Symbolizes by Air

Pitta     Bio Energy Symbolizes by Fire

Kapha  Bio Energy Symbolizes by Water

The balance among these doshas bring harmony in body but imbalance starts disease in body.

In human body , one dosha always dominates  other, in obese persons generally kapha dominates ,in thin persons Vatta dominates and people with digestive issues have pitta dominance.

The aim of Ayurvedic treatments is to bring back these doshas in balance from where the healing starts. Ayurveda is oldest traditional healing from vedic era to treat diseases.

It brings the balance among body , mind and spirit and cures the root cause.

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Healwell Ayurveda &  Panchkarma    

Suit 208 - 4851  Westwinds Drive NE

Calgary-AB T3J 4L4

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Available Treatments
  • Ayurvedic Consultation

  • Panchkarma Treatments

  • Shirodhara

  • Shiroabhyanga

  • Abhyanga

  • Pizhichil Treatments

  • Udvartana Massage

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