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What is Body Awake Yoga?


Body Awake Yoga combines the power of breath, asana (poses), mind and spirit to awaken your life force and the healer within. As you practice this style of yoga, you’ll notice that your life improves both on and off the mat because you’re raising the vibration of your body to become a match to the high frequency energy of your higher self and the Divine.


As you become more embodied, you’ll notice that it becomes easier to let go of what no longer serves you, to feel more confident and to access, follow, and trust your intuition. You’ll discover increased flexibility in your body and in your approach to life. You’ll also have more energy, less stress and greater strength. Body Awake Yoga is appropriate for all levels of students.


For over 20 years, Christina tried to love yoga. She did every style she could find, but they all felt a little lacking, plus she kept getting injured - even in prenatal yoga! She finally breathed a huge sigh of relief when she discovered Body Awake Yoga, created by Dr Sue Morter. “This is what yoga is supposed to feel like!” she thought to herself. Christina fell so deeply in love with Body Awake Yoga that she knew she had to get certified to teach it; it was too good to keep to herself. This style of yoga helps to awaken the life force and healer within. It’s an important key to living an Ayurvedic lifestyle that improves your life both on and off the mat.





                                                                                                                     Directed by: Christina Marlett

                                                                                                                           Certified Yoga Instructor

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